Altitude: widget for Connect IQ compatible Garmin devices

Altitude is a simple widget displaying the current altitude. The widget does not rely on the built-in barometric altimeter but retrieves the altitude from a third party elevation service (such as the Google Elevation API) based on the GPS position.

For feedback, bug reports and feature requests please leave a message in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Altitude is available in the Garmin Connect IQ Store since May 18, 2015.


0.6.1 Switched back to HTTP since Garmin Connect Mobile can’t handle Amazon Web Services certificates.
0.6 Switched to HTTPS. Fixed Monkey C version compatibility check. Built with SDK 1.2.11.
0.5.1 Added support for fēnix 3 HR and vívoactive HR.
0.5 Moved backend to Amazon Web Services (Route 53, CloudFront, API Gateway & Lambda). Built with SDK 1.2.6.
0.4 Added support for fēnix™ 3 and D2 Bravo.
0.3 Added check for incompatible firmware. Built with SDK 1.1.2.
0.2 Added support for Forerunner® 920XT.
0.1 First release. Supports meters and feet depending on device settings. epix™ & vívoactive™.


Since version 0.5 the Altitude widget relies on a truly serverless backend powered by Amazon API Gateway & AWS Lambda. Below is a Datadog dashboard showing some of the “behind the scenes” metrics.

Datadog dashboard


I only own a Garmin vívoactive™ watch and can only test the Altitude widget on other Garmin models through the Connect IQ simulator. I, therefore, cannot guarantee that the Altitude widget runs smoothly on the Forerunner® 920XT, epix™, fēnix™ 3, D2 Bravo or any other Connect IQ compatible Garmin device.